Gura Gear 18L Bataflae Camera Backpack for Travelers

Designed by Gura Gear , the company that developed Kiboko photo bags, the compact Bataflae 18L joins the Bataflae pack line to accommodate larger professionally sized gear. The Bataflae 18L totes multiple full-size professional and medium-format camera bodies, a 300mm lens or up to a 70–200mm attached to a body, while maintaining a small size. Its more »

Crumpler Thirsty Al Small Device Pouch

From the company whose colorful bags and cases carry even more colorful names, Crumpler’s Thirsty Al small device pouch (show here in dark pink with pink accents) is made to carry compact digital cameras, phones, PDAs, and other media devices. This small pouch is one of a collection of five sizes that come in various more »