Digital dieting – how to lose weight virtually

In this digital age, we can do almost anything by computer, virtually, and dieting or good nutrition is no exception. No, you won’t lose weight by hanging out on the computer, but there are really good resources available online. Digital dieting is quite possible, and you can lose weight sort of virtually. It’s pretty typical more »

Sign of the times – New Mac OS will include anti-virus program

Being a PC person, I don’t often delve into MAC stories but this is news. For the first time, the latest OS operating system, SnowLeopard, will, say the pundits, include anti-virus software, and it was bound to happen. SnowLeopard is due out any day now (officially Aug 28) at $29 for the upgrade (you listening, more »

Go postal – design and send custom postcards with iPhone or computer

This may be the coolest iPod app I’ve ever seen. GoPostal is a service app for iPhones that allows you to snap a photo, compose your own custom message, and send a postcard from your phone or computer. It’s dirt cheap and more fun than summer craft camp. Made by a company called Print Your more »

Caffeine – New Google search engine is faster and smarter

Google just deployed a test version of their new search engine, known as Caffeine. You can play around with Caffeine in the Google sandbox, a popular test area on Google’s website. Web moguls are saying this may be the end of keyword obsession in web development since the new search function is supposed to be more »


Before pixels, Robert Altman shot baby boomer photos in the 1960s

No matter how images were captured in the 1960s, a wealth of memories is preserved in the images of the hippy era, the Viet Nam era, the Beatles era.The decade of the 1960s is when photo-journalism and videography came alive. America watched a war from our living rooms, of course, but we also saw images more »

DTV conversion – nearly 100% of baby boomers got it right

About six weeks ago, America went digital with television, as we all are aware. How are we doing with the conversion process? Contrary to the dire predictions that tens of thousands of kids would never see Sesame Street again and seniors (that would be us baby boomers…) would never find out where the people of more »

Green living technology – solar powered home theater

Looks like the next cool thing is going to be solar powered home theater. Richard Glikes, ultra tech guru and exec director at Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) is all over the Internet with his favorite green living home technology. The state-of-the-tech system is powered with solar energy provided by roof-mounted panels that produce, more »

Obama Clinton and Gates plus beer kegs Microsoft and the cops

This week may mark the first time in U.S. History that a Presidential kegger party hit the headlines, worldwide. I’m not sure if linking Barrack Oabama, a distinguished educator, a plain old cop and a keg is actually newsworthy. But toss in Microsoft, Bill Gates, a patent application for an ultra-high tech kegerator and Bill more »

Texting while driving-more dangerous than drunk driving

This may be the most important blog post you ever read. It is becoming clear that using a cell phone while you drive is at least as dangerous as drinking a number of cocktails and then hitting the road. Texting while driving? More dangerous than driving drunk. Texting is the most dangerous distraction on the more »

Save money – don’t buy the worst gadgets around

What are the worst electronic gadgets and concepts available today? I searched the web to see what venerable gadget gurus had to say and here’s a list of sites for you to visit if you’re interested in avoiding the crappiest gadgets on Earth. Save money. Wired’s gadget lab disses AT&T, Asus and Apple, among others. more »

EPA says technology may cure indoor air pollution

Holy smoke – cigarettes, cigars, room sprays, dust, mites, and allergens are making our homes one of the most polluted places we can spend time, according to an article I was reading at SC News out of Washington State. The EPA says technology can help cure indoor air pollution, if you choose wisely. It seems more »

Boomers eye Toyota thought-controlled wheelchair

Welcome to the 21st Century and beyond as science unveils an amazing piece of equipment that stands to benefit baby boomers for the rest of our lives. Toyota and a group of scientists have developed a thought controlled or mind controlled wheel chair. If you can’t get excited over the potential of such an adventure, more »