Fin: Bad bad band names, liking Jian Ghomeshi and what not to do on Halloween

Pro tip to musicians out there: Do not, under any circumstances, name your band after the victim of your state’s most famous unsolved abduction. And certainly don’t schedule a gig under that name around the date of the 25th anniversary of said abduction. As flagged on social media by my friend and area musician Dan more »

Alex Garland explores A.I.’s sexy side in ‘Ex Machina’ trailer

He’s perhaps best known for his collaborations with Danny Boyle. After the Oscar winning director adapted his novel, ‘The Beach,’ into a vehicle for Leonardo Dicaprio, writer Alex Garland was brought on to script his non-zombie take on the undead apocalypse (’28 Days Later’) and one of the great post-modern science fiction films of all more »

Netflix’s “Marco Polo” has a trailer

When you mention the name, “Marco Polo,” to the average American, most think of a silly summertime game they played in the pool. But did you know that he was, in fact, a 12th century Italian Indiana Jones? Netflix does, and they have a 10-episode TV series coming in December. Check out the trailer below: more »

No, feminists are not out to ruin pop culture 

I’m in the middle of a much bigger and more detailed piece about this, but 2014 has rally been a watershed year for feminism and popular culture, touching on everything from rape jokes to Bill Cosby to Anita Sarkeesian to the four-years-out Captain Marvel movie. These issues have always been out there, of course. But more »

Do you, MJ, take Spider-Man to be your lawful wedded husband – again?

Marvel Comics left jaws on the floor with its movie announcements, and it’s not doing a bad job with comic book teasers either.  It has tantalized readers with references to classic storylines including “Future Imperfect,”  “The Infinity Gauntlet” and “Old Man Logan,” even though Wolverine’s dead right now. What, did you really think he wouldn’t more »

Amazon says bad pricing hurt Fire Phone sales

From GadgeTell The Fire Phone has not been doing well, despite having some unique features. Amazon launched its first smartphone in June and made it available for $199 before switching the phone's price tag to $99 a couple months later. The initial pricing issues with the Fire Phone are now being blamed for some of the device's failure. Read the full post on GadgeTell »

“I wanna dip my balls in it,” revisited: Ken Marino embraces his past catchphrase

The most famous sketch on MTV’s old sketch show, The State, is probably the recurring character of “Louie,” played by Ken Marino, who frequently shows up places, while carrying a pair of tennis or golf balls, and repeatedly blurts out “I wanna dip my balls in it!” The origin of the sketch was supposedly pressure more »

PS4 update 2.00 a Halloween trick, causing trouble, delaying Evolve Big Alpha

From GamerTell If you downloaded PS4 update 2.00, I'm sorry. Don't put your system in Rest mode. Turn it off and wait for a fixed update. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Movie Review: “Before I Go to Sleep”

When taking into consideration how utterly boring it actually is, never before has a film been given a more appropriate title. The best words I can use to describe “Before I Go to Sleep” are tired, lethargic and devoid of all energy. Ironically enough, these words could have been used to describe my mood after more »

Better that than “who cares”: The best reactions to Tim Cook’s coming out 

When Apple chief executive Tim Cook revealed in a Thursday column for Bloomberg News that he is gay, there were quite a few reactions. Some praised this as a watershed moment, as Cook is now literally the only openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Others called it an inspiring moment of social progress. more »

Blu-ray Review: Tammy

Life has a way of changing unexpectedly, and that’s just the kind of situation that we’ll be faced with in “Tammy,” a copy of which our friends out at Warner Bros. sent over for review. But will you want to follow along with Tammy’s unlikely journey when this hits stores in DVD, Blu-ray and digital more »

Coens’ “Hail Caesar!” will wait until 2016 

We learned  a little bit more about the next Coen Brothers movie, “Hail Caesar” yesterday than we did before. And all of that is possible, except that we don’t get to see it until 2016. Here’s the synopsis for the film, which came out via press release on Thursday:  Four-time Oscar -winning filmmakers Joel and more »