Movie Review: “Ouija”

The calender is inching closer and closer to October 31st, which can only signify one thing — Halloween is almost here. And with this pseudo-holiday comes all of the annual traditions that make it so much fun for you and your whole family. Pumpkin carving, corny decorations, trick-or-treaters with pillowcases full of candy, hot cider, more »

Eternal teenager Archie Andrews headed to Fox in ‘Riverdale’

 Andrews has gone through quite a few changes over the years. He’s battled zombies and died in a future timeline. But at the core of it all is how weird and wild it is to be a teenager in suburbia. Greg Berlanti, who co-developed current CW hits Arrow and Flash,  will bring a new version more »

Fin: Taylor Swift, accused murderer, King David: The Movie and losing Felicia Day 

This headline- “Taylor Swift is Terrified of Being Framed For Murder”- made me laugh really hard for some reason. But I don’t think we’ll be laughing so hard when we’re reminded of it, during the Taylor Swift murder trial of 2024 (Page Six) Speaking of which, a semi-convincing explanation of why every character on Modern more »

The trailer for ‘Insidious Chapter III’ is confusing, prequel-wise

Okay – color me officially confused. Back when it was announced (about ten seconds after the sequel to James Wan‘s  dominated the box office on its opening weekend), it was made clear that ‘Insidious III’ (or as it is now called, ‘Insidious Chapter III’) would be a “prequel,” explaining how the events in Part 1 more »

Good riddance to ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ rubbish

And all it took was a child molester to get TLC to cancel one of the most hideous horsemen of the cultural apocalypse before it could do even more damage to the global psyche. Sure, back in 2012, it seemed like a savvy idea to put that human train wreck the Shannon Family – former more »

The Steven Spielberg Cold War movie is called “St. James Place” 

We now know a little bit more about Steven Spielberg’s next film, which focuses on the Cold War and stars Tom Hanks, with a script that originated with, of all people, the Coen Brothers. Namely, it’s called “St. James Place,” with filming to start next month in Poland. Here’s the scoop, according to Variety: The more »

DVD Review: Panic Room

It’s hard to imagine how much suspense can be generated by just one comparatively small amount of space, but with a movie like “Panic Room”–a copy of which our friends out at Mill Creek Entertainment sent out for review–that’s what will happen thanks to a series of exciting events and occasional contrivances. “” follows Meg more »

Casio CTK-2400 Sampling Keyboard: A Generous Sampling of Fun

From GadgeTell Casio's CTK-2400 ups the ante on all counts. Its 61 keys give an (admittedly) hobbyist/amateur keyboardist like myself more than enough room to cover the musical spectrum. And beyond the sampling capability, it comes with the full compliment of Casio functions that make the company’s line of inexpensive ($169.99 MSRP, but you can easily find one for under $100), all-in-one (speakers and amplification included for true portability) keyboards so appealing and such a great value. Read the full post on GadgeTell »

Kim Basinger joins the “Nice Guys” 

Kim Basinger is one of those actresses who, thanks to Hollywood’s very-much-in-the-news standards when it comes to female beauty, just sort of disappeared from movie screens and public consciousness, once she hit a certain age. I mean, Basinger won an Oscar in 1997 for “L.A. Confidential,” wasn’t in a single movie for three years after more »

Jennifer Lopez will earn $1 million a month during her Vegas residency

Prepare the all-white dressing rooms and stock the tub with Evian (reportedly, according to this tour rider via The Smoking Gun) Jennifer Lopez will put pen to paper and ink a deal that will net her $26 million over two years, just for performing inside Planet Hollywood at The Axis three times a week. That’s more »

Movie Review: “John Wick”

Revenge… I have to say. If you absolutely, positively have to kill every [person] in the room, except no substitutes. Seriously though. Is there a BETTER reason than revenge to perpetrate a major killing spree? Well, IT IS the most popular reason. At least when it comes to movies anyway. The filmmakers behind “John Wick” more »

The iPad value conundrum

From AppleTell It was certainly a lot easier deciding which iPad to buy back in 2011. Read the full post on AppleTell »