Fin: In defense of the Clinton baby, Coen rankings and Satan, film critic

The baby daughter of Chelsea Clinton- who is currently exactly four days old- has already been called “another liberal crybaby” by the New York Post – the same paper that published that odious “open letter to Chelsea’s fetus” a few months ago- and “the poster child of intermarriage” by Kveller. Guys! She’s just a baby! more »

Apple releases iOS 8.1 Beta for developers

From AppleTell iOS 8.1 may come with support for Apple Pay. Read the full post on AppleTell »

Can you take it? “Taken 3″ trailer is here

For the third time, someone is screwing with the most badass 60-year-old in the world. When will the world’s creepy crime bosses and sex criminals learn? Yes, “Taken 3″- also known as “Tak3n”- has its first full-length trailer, ahead of its customary January release. This time, it appears the enemies are domestic, led by cop more »

I can’t get the latest New 3DS ad’s song out of my head

From GamerTell Great. Nintendo had to hire Kyary Pamyu Pamyu for the New 3DS ad and now we'll all suffer from an earworm because of it. Read the full post on GamerTell »

New trailer for ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ offers more of the (lame) same

Sometimes, a fad has to give up. The culture moves on, and so should the craze du jour. Thus we come to the gross out comedy. Sure, some in the last linger bits of the School of Apatow can still make it work (see James Franco and Seth Rogen in the trailers for the North more »

Larry David keeps hope alive for more ‘Curb”

Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm last aired new episodes more than three years ago, in the summer of 2011.  ‘Curb’ has aired eight seasons, despite premiering 14 years ago; when it the series’ pilot/special first debuted Bill Clinton was still president. However, the series has never been canceled, and David has occasionally given hopeful quotes about its more »

WWE 2K15 finishes its roster reveal

From GamerTell WWE 2K15 is looking good. Here are the final members of the game's roster, at least until DLC heads out. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Anderson’s “Inherent Vice” has a great, great trailer

It can be hard to judge the quality of a film from its trailer alone, especially the first one. But I have to say- the initial clip for “Inherent Vice,” the Paul Thomas Anderson-directed adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s novel- looks pretty damned exciting. We have everything a great trailer needs: A great cast, in silly, more »

New trailer for ‘Jupiter Ascending’ showcases F/X, spoonfeeds storyline

Something is seriously wrong with the way The Wachowskis have been treated as of late. First, their collaboration with Tom Tykwer, the brilliant ‘,’ gets buried in a bungled attempt by the marketing minds of the studio to treat it as some manner of sci-fi epic when it was really a very telling overview of more »

TBS’ baseball promo is “dynamite”

Baseball’s postseason gets underway today, and even if your team didn’t qualify this year, you can enjoy the great studio crew TBS has managed to pull together for the games. There’s no Keith Olbermann this year, as he’s committed to his ESPN show, but the TBS’ on-air crew includes such ’80s and ’90s on-field heroes more »

Kevin Smith has funding for “Clerks 3,” for real this time

For a filmmaker perpetually on the verge of retirement, Kevin Smith keeps finding excuses to make movies and backing out on projects that he’s previously been hyping up as “his last film, no really, this is my last one!” This time, Smith says that “Tusk,” his actually sorta interesting sounding horror comedy that flopped last more »

Bye bye blackouts: FCC eliminates NFL rule 

Great news for fans of the NFL, in cities where not many people go to  home games: Blackouts are a thing of the past. For as long as anyone can remember, it’s been the rule that if an NFL team fails to sell out all its tickets by a certain amount of time before game time, more »