Fin: Parenthood’s hippie-punching, circling jerks at NRO and the stupidity of 

I love how NBC’s Parenthood, on top of all of its other virtues, takes occasional shots at, for lack of a better term, California hippie bullshit. That “spirituality retreat” in Big Sur on this week’s episode had the added benefit of dressing the characters in white and having them take a vow of silence, so more »

Potter spinoff “Fantastic Beasts” will be a movie trilogy

Duh. This should come as no surprise. The powers-that-be are doing this for the same reason that they split the last Hunger Games book into two movies, the last Harry Potter novel into two flicks, and the last chapter in the pro-abuse propaganda piece of garbage franchise into two utterly unwatchable chunks of stupidity. You know, more »

Movie Review: “The Best of Me”

Now doubt about it, there are bad movies. In case you’re not too familiar with this particular brand of trashiness, these  slices of cinematic sunshine are affectionately referred to as “B-movies” and are the kind of films that might fall short on such trivial things like production value, storyline, competent actors, taste, etc. However, these more »

Podcast: Stephen Silver and Jordan Rockwell on “Gone Girl” 

I appeared earlier this week on the Sensitive Nice Guy Show, the podcast hosted by TechnologyTell contributor Jordan Rockwell, to discuss the film “Gone Girl.” On the podcast, we discussed the film, its filmmaking and acting, whether it’s an accurate representation of modern marriage,  whether the film is feminist, misogynistic or both, how believable it more »

Mara Brock Akil wants to do a ‘Girlfriends’ movie

In an interview with Essence, Mara Brock Akil talks about ending The Game after nine seasons. But of course the conversation eventually turned to Girlfriends. Contrary to previous reports, she has not confirmed a movie is happening. It’s something she wants to do, but nothing is moving on the project at this point. Akil did more »

GoT flashbacks? ‘Game of Thrones’ will flash back in season 5 

Flashbacks are certainly not verboten on prestige cable dramas, by any means. Just think about all the long glimpses we’ve gotten over the years of the formative boyhoods of Tony Soprano, Don Draper and Nucky Thompson. One Sunday night show that’s never partaken of that particular device is Game of Thrones, even though its drawn more »

WWE Slammy Awards may go away, to no one’s disappointment

The Wrestling Observer reports that the WWE Slammy Awards were originally scheduled for Dec. 29 in Richmond, VA but have been called off. There’s another live event going on at the same time, and doing the Slammy would split the roster. If this report turns out to be true, it may confirm that the Slammy more »

Samsung and Facebook could collaborate on VR devices, not smartphones

From GadgeTell Despite the HTC First “Facebook Phone” flopping so hard last year that it prompted AT&T to halt sales mere months after the gadget’s introduction, rumors ran rampant recently as to Mark Zuckerberg possibly wanting a do-over. Read the full post on GadgeTell »

The Apple CEO Gotham deserves right now: Conan goes long on Bale, Jobs and Batman

Here’s a comedy bit that goes solidly in the “so easy and so stupid it’s funny anyway” category: Conan O’Brien’s show Thursday night made a whole segment out of the news that Christian Bale is (probably) playing Steve Jobs in the Danny Boyle-directed biopic, and produced a “trailer” for this not-yet-in-production movie. Yes, it’s merely more »

DVD Review: Dynasty: The Final Season

There’s always something bittersweet about the final season of anything, no matter how good or bad the show itself was. Even a bad show enjoys a certain note of finality from the “final season,” and it’s good to be able to have it all in one place. But “Dynasty: The Final Season”–a copy of which more »

10 great gadgets to motivate and inspire you

From GadgeTell We all feel unmotivated at times. It happens, but what matters most is how we respond to that sap in motivation. If you find your motivation needs a boost and the usual solutions aren’t working, consider giving the ten gadgets below a whirl; they’re designed specifically to boost your productivity. Read the full post on GadgeTell »

Could WWE make Kane and the Undertaker: The Movie?

In the long, illustrious history of the interactions between Hollywood and professional wrestling, there have been movies that starred pro wrestlers that were about things besides wrestling (“They Live,” “12 Rounds,” and the entire cinematic oeuvre of The Rock.) There have also been movies set in fictional versions of the pro wrestling world, starring actors more »