Fin: Armond White vs. the World, Mr. Skin’s bad timing and walking out of “Blue Valentine”

Armond White, now apparently full-time at National Review, last week published a somewhat unhinged rant, calling 2004 “the year the culture broke.” Among other howlers, he uses phrases like “lynch-mob excommunication” and “smear campaign” to address the notion of Mel Gibson being an anti-Semite at the time of “The Passion of the Christ,” as though more »

CES founder Jack Wayman passes at age 92

From GadgeTell There are the giants of industry and then there are the true pioneers. Jack Wayman was both of them. Read the full post on GadgeTell »

Guy Ritchie wants Charlie Hunnam for King Arthur film

What do King Arthur and Christian Grey have in common? Before you blurt out “nothing, you nimrod,” there is actually a connection – at least, cinematically. Long before a certain Jamie Dornan stepped in to take on the role of every soccer mom’s secret S&M fantasy, he was rumored to up for the role of more »

“The Tick” to return, as Amazon pilot

Ben Edlund’s superhero satire The Tick has a devoted following as a comic book, Fox cartoon and short-lived live action show. But it’s hard to kill a superhero, especially one who’s well-nigh invulnerable. Amazon will bring back the blue-skinned, dimwitted superhero as a pilot according to The Wrap. Sony Television has held the rights since more »

12-year-old’s “Undercover Cops” better than all police procedural dramas on CBS

Sean Coleman’s short film “Undercover Cops” is a gritty, urban tale of sex, drugs, questionable policing and lost love.

Appidemic: The Walking Dead Pinball for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

From AppleTell That deaf, dumb, dead guy sure played a mean pinball. Read the full post on AppleTell »

“Foxcatcher” gets another creepy teaser

Now that blockbuster season is officially over and everyone is gearing up for the Fall, big budget Marvel movies and films based on cartoons from the 80s are taking a bow in favor of the almost equally dreaded crop of the so-called Oscar bait. Throughout the summer the two biggest awards contendors of the coming more »

What the celebrity nudes “hacking” scandal says about us

Let’s establish a few givens here: (1) We live in a current cultural climate where we enjoy tearing down our celebrity heroes just as much as we love building them up. (2) When a celebrity does something silly, or scandalous, there is a group schadenfreude that occurs, with people piling on either against (or sometimes, more »

Amazon iPhone trade-in program offers up to $400 in gift cards

From AppleTell Your iPhone 5s is worth up to $400. You want $400, don't you? Read the full post on AppleTell »

Blu-ray Review: Pumpkinhead: Collector’s Edition

There are certain actors that, over the years, I’ve come to note can be commonly relied on to put up a good performance no matter how frankly godawful the rest of the material around them is. Right on the top of that very short list is Lance Henriksen, and our friends out at Scream Factory more »

David Fincher directed Gap commercials

Have you perhaps noticed and been perplexed by the Gap’s new ad campaign, which begs shoppers to “dress normal” while showing hip actors covered up in clothes colored black, white, and shades of gray? Have you flicked through a magazine, gazed at an artfully composed shot of Elisabeth Moss toss bread over her shoulder at more »

Scorsese’s Casino: This time, in commercial form only

Throughout Martin Scorsese’s long career as a director, his two primary actor muses have been Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, yet the two men have never appeared together in a Scorsese film. Now, they’re about to- although it’s not what you think. Scorsese is teaming up with a star-studded cast that includes De Niro, more »