Fin: Duggars go down, “Host” at ten and beyond the Bechdel Test

I know the Duggar situation is ultimately tragic and I shouldn’t be reveling in their various hypocrisies… but I am reveling in their various hypocrisies. I don’t what’s worse- to be called out for hypocrisy by the mother of Honey Boo Boo, or that the mother of Honey Boo Boo has a point. (Jezebel) Reflections more »

CD Projekt Red’s new The Witcher 3 patch addresses graphics issues

From GamerTell The Witcher 3 patch will make the game substantially prettier. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Robert Kirkman joins ‘Transformers’ franchise writing team

The “Transformers” films have been critic proof, it’s easy to wonder if the writing matters at all. Paramount is certainly acting as if does, adding “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman to its writer’s room. He’ll join “Iron Man” writers Art Marcum & Matt Holloway, “Lost” scribe  Jeff Pinkner and “The Avengers” co-writer Zak Penn. Those more »

Movie Review: “Poltergeist”

There’s no getting around it, every great memory from my childhood has now been altered beyond recognition or somehow stretched so thin that it’s almost become unrecognizable. Well, now “Poltergeist” — one of my favorite 1980’s-era horror flicks —  can be added to that soupy mix. Granted, I can’t really be mad at the fact that this once more »

Trailer for ‘Batkid Begins’ shows how a wish went viral

Make-A-Wish is used to getting great responses for its projects, but few have ever soared to the heights that Miles Scott’s did. Then just five years old, Miles was diagnosed with leukemia. When he lived his wish of becoming a superhero for a day, San Francisco transformed into Gotham City. Thousands of people shared his more »

Sons of ‘Sons': Kurt Sutter’s “Bastard Executioner” picked up

FX got seven years of standout ratings from Kurt Sutter’s ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ so it’s probably not a huge surprise that the same network has picked up Sutter’s next show, which is called “The Bastard Executioner.” Deadline reported that the show, set in the “Late Middle Ages,” received a ten-episode pickup: A period drama, The more »

Peter Sarsgaard to play villain in ‘Magnificent Seven’ remake

There are some changes to the lineup of the MGM/Sony remake of classic western “The Magnificent Seven.”  Peter Sarsgaard will sign on as Bartholomew Bogue, the brains behind a group of outlaws terrorizing a small town. The 1960 version was itself a remake of an Akira Kurasawa film “Seven Samurai.”  Hollywood’s version included Steve McQueen, more »

Beyond “Trainwreck”: Amy Schumer lines up deal for second movie

Amy Schumer’s huge year will continue next month with her first movie starring role, in Judd Apatow’s “Trainwreck.” Apparently things are looking good enough for that one that Schumer is already set for a second movie. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Schumer will star and also co-wrote an “an untitled mother-daughter comedy.” One of the more »

Grand Theft Auto V sales approach 52m

From GamerTell Grand Theft Auto V sales continue to climb. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Blu-ray Review: Turn: Washington’s Spies: The Complete First Season

American history is packed with amazing stories, and the Revolutionary War is no exception. In fact, there’s a little known section of history that deals with espionage, given some sanction by then-General George Washington. Our friends out at Anchor Bay sent over a copy of  AMC’s “Turn: Washington’s Spies: The Complete First Season” for us more »

Popcorn in Your Browser is dead after just a couple of days

There’s a reason why movie piracy hasn’t been either as widespread or disruptive as piracy in such areas as music or even pornography: Doing it is hard, and time-consuming, and not everyone knows how to do it. Popcorn Time has been talked up as a legitimate challenger, but it still hasn’t gained anything resembling the more »

Next Need for Speed teased on Twitter

From GamerTell Need for Speed returns this year. Here's an early look. Read the full post on GamerTell »