Rhea Perlman will appear on “The Mindy Project” as a tough M-I-L

It’s perfect: Mindy Kaling announced that Rhea Perlman has been tapped to play her mother-in-law on The Mindy Project, of which Kaling is star and executive producer, on its third season. Kaling teased the news during an appearance at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, saying Perlman would play her fiance and partner Danny more »

‘Bullets Over Broadway’ is over…on Broadway

During the very early stages of his career, Woody Allen had massive success as a playwright. His ‘Don’t Drink the Water’ was a hit, while ‘Play It Again, Sam’ became a benchmark in his creative development. After going into film, his theatrical work suffered. His 1981 play ‘The Floating Light Bulb’ lasted only 62 performances more »

As expected, a third “Best Man” movie is coming 

Fans of 1999′s “The Best Man” had to wait 14 years for the film’s sequel, last year’s “Best Man Holiday.” They won’t have to wait nearly as long for the third film. Since the second film had an ending that all but telegraphed another sequel, the news looked inevitable, and it came this week: Deadline more »

Alicia Keys joins NBC’s ‘The Voice’ season 7 as Pharrell’s consultant

Newly recruited The Voice coach Pharrell Williams is in this to win, by the looks of it, and helping him carry Usher’s baton is fifteen-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, pianist and record producer Alicia Keys. Keys just revealed on Twitter her “friend Pharrell” invited her to be his team’s mentor on the upcoming seventh season more »

Guardians of the Galaxy is good for Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Superheroes

From GamerTell Lots of Guardians of the Galaxy figures are coming to Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Superheroes, and that is such a good thing. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Fin: The Stewart non-Kickstarter, stealing from Yahoo Answers and “Boyhood”: Not Jewish enough

I’m kind of disappointed that the Jon Stewart/buying CNN Kickstarter is fake. Because remember the Colbert Super PAC? That was real. They really did create a real Super PAC, that really did raise money- over $1 million. And they really did sustain the bit for close to two years. Stewart didn’t even mention the Kickstarter more »

Little-loved MacFarlane hires universally-loved Azaria for ‘Bordertown’

(Reluctantly) love him or (vocally) hate him, but controversial actor, animator, comedian, writer, producer, director, singer and, yes, Oscar nominee and emcee Seth MacFarlane is poised to remain in the spotlight, both on the small and big screen, for at least a little while longer. No, his disgraceful boobs-centric Oscar song isn’t enough to bury more »

The Five Stages of Comic-Con Grief

Comic Con. Comic Con is exciting and it’s a treasure trove of geeky information and awesome exclusives. But let’s face it, if you’re not there, Comic Con is just plain harsh. But don’t worry, readers. We’re here for you. Knowing is half the battle, and we’re here to walk you through the five stages of Comic Con grief.

D&D introduces LGBT identities in the core ruleset

From GamerTell The D&D rules now allow players to create characters with new gender identities and sexual orientations. Read the full post on GamerTell »

Older and not wiser: Sequel to “Last Vegas” is on the way

CBS films has decided to greenlight a sequel to “,” the 2013 comedy centered around four old friends (Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Douglas) who attend a bachelor party together in Las Vegas. Basically, it was “the Hangover” with old guys, which isn’t exactly the most inspired premise in the world, and the more »

Movie Review: “Boyhood”

From its one-of-a-kind production history to its connection with established themes in the filmmaker’s work to its overarching look at a young man’s life, Richard Linklater’s new “Boyhood” brings to mind certain things that would sound pretentious in most cases: Epic. Ambitious. One-of-a-kind. Career-capping. In this case, though, those descriptions- and the rapturous praise the project more »

Movie Review: “I Origins”

Undoubtedly,  “I Origins”  raises some interesting questions. For instance.. Is there an afterlife? If so, what does this afterlife consist of? Also, can our souls be reincarnated? Do human beings have souls in the first place? Most importantly, does Michael Pitt actually age the same rate as the rest of us? Although these questions (especially the more »