At the End of the Day: Best Decision on ‘Best Funeral,’ the Return of Becca From ‘Superbad’ and Paz de la Huerta, Nude at Last

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Will this woman EVER get naked?

Great moments in good taste: In the wake of the Connecticut school shooting, TLC has postponed the premiere of its new reality show, Best Funeral Ever, to January (Hollywood Reporter)

The Wire creator David Simon weighs in on Sandy Hook (

A good point: “Not All Movie Violence is Created Equal” (The Atlantic)

No, there is no link between video games and gun murders, according to a new study (Washington Post)

Remember Martha MacIsaac, the “other” girl (besides Emma Stone) in “Superbad”? I thought she’d never been seen again, but she’s on the new NBC presidential sitcom 1600 Penn- once again playing a character named “Becca” (

Jack’s back! Sean Hayes of Will & Grace is returning to NBC on a new sitcom from the creator of Better Off Ted (TV Guide)

In huge news for anyone who’s never seen any of her movies or any of the episodes of Boardwalk Empire in the first two seasons, Paz de la Huerta will pose nude for Playboy (Huffington Post)

An oral history of the best sports blog ever, Fire Joe Morgan, co-created by a couple of Parks & Recreation writers (The Classical)

If you missed it, Wyatt Cenac’s final Daily Show segment- in which he visited a Puerto Rican talk show hosted by a puppet- was absolutely sublime (

A look back at Quentin Tarantino’s underrated 1997 film “Jackie Brown” (Press Play)

How to be a comedy writer in the age of Twitter (Fast Company)

“Movie Bob” Chipman, with a defense of 48 FPS, because somebody has to do it (Boston Online Film Critics Association)

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