DVD Review: House of Lies: The First Season

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Our friends out at CBS Video sent us something a little unexpected in the form of a bit of Showtime fun in “House of Lies: The First Season”, and this one’s got a lot of surprises going on inside it. Part pulled from the headlines, part dark comedy with some drama edge, it’s all going to be at least a little unexpected.

“House of Lies: The First Season” joins a management consulting firm headed up by a man by the unlikely but oddly appropriate name of Marty Kaan, who, pretty much, hates himself. This alone might be interesting, but he doesn’t just hate himself, he’s also got a pretty low opinion of most of business and a large quantity of the rest of humanity to boot. Our master consultant will be taking on a whole lot of different projects throughout his first season. There will be plenty of interesting bits in there about consulting in general, as well as some situations that can best be described as outlandish in between.

Indeed, “outlandish” may well be the best descriptor there is for “House of Lies”. The first few minutes alone will be laden with it, and they won’t be dialing it down any the farther in they go. Admittedly, we’ve all seen shows that go for the shock value before. Showtime loves them, of course, because they can put out a whole lot more shock value than anyone else. Indeed, those of you with easily offended natures will find yourselves offended on a regular basis with this series. Like semi-minutely. But even with all that offensiveness, there will be loads of humor going throughout this thing. Some of it will be of the darker variety, and some of it will be the outright funny variety, but all of it will be pretty good stuff. But it gets a lot easier to stomach shock when a prime actor is in the driver’s seat. “House of Lies” got their hands on no less than Don Cheadle, and that’s about as prime as it gets.

It’s hard to fault “House of Lies”, because it’s gutsy enough to try just about anything. That makes it a bit of a rarity in the field, and rarity counts for plenty. You’ll need a strong stomach–so to speak–but there will also be plenty of good laughs.

Special features here will be a bit limited, with some audio options and English subtitles, a set of commentary tracks, some character profiles, and a series of e-bridge features to get the first two episodes of “The Borgias” second season and the seventh season of “Dexter”.

“House of Lies: The First Season” is bizarre, outlandish, regularly offensive and downright hilarious. There’s a lot going on here, and it’s going to be very much worth watching.

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