Jay Mohr Lands Show on Fox Sports Radio

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Maybe Rod Tidwell will be a guest?

Starting Jan. 2, comedian Jay Mohr will host his own show, creatively called “Jay Mohr Sports,” on Fox Sports Radio. It will run from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET weekdays.

Many people know Mohr from his delightfully slimy performance in “Jerry Maguire” and his first-rate stand-up work, but he’s a pretty big sports fan. He hosted the short-lived ESPN variety show “Mohr Sports” in 2002 and, according to Deadline, has been guest-hosting on Premiere Sports and AM570 Fox Sports LA.

Mohr has had trouble finding his niche since “Jerry Maguire,”–did that movie really come out 16 years ago?–but this seems like a good fit. Just as long as he doesn’t resort to playing song parodies or lording his knowledge over unfortunately timid callers. Regardless, this will be more entertaining than “Picture Perfect.”

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