‘The Nerdist’ Podcast Is Becoming a TV Show

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Comedian and TV host Chris Hardwick’s nerdy star is on the rise. Recently, AMC extended his The Walking Dead aftershow Talking Dead aftershow to a full hour.

Now BBC America will give Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast its own TV show, with a starting order of 10 episodes. It will kick off the network’s Supernatural Saturday, featuring genre faves Doctor Who and Being Human. Hardwick is a writer for Wired Magazine in addition to his podcasting and hosting duties. He’s still doing stand-up, too. Comedy Central aired Chris Hardwick: Mandroid in November. He’s rapidly becoming one of the most influential nerds in the business.

Podcasts are as numerous as the zombies Hardwick often talks about, and often as hard to distinguish from one another. Hardwick was one of the format’s earliest and most successful adopters. He startedin 2008, and in July, Legendary Entertainment acquired it. This raised Nerdist’s profile, but also brought up worries about “selling out.” If Legendary puts out a movie that’s total garbage, will Hardwick and his cohorts be allowed to say so? Should podcasters be considered journalists? Since most podcasts don’t get anywhere near this level of exposure or profitability, there hasn’t been a reason to ask these questions. Hardwick is headed where no nerd has gone before.

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