Tina Fey Gets (Kind of) Serious in New ‘Admission’ Trailer

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Mark my words – Tina Fey will eventually receive an Academy Award nomination at least once in her career.

Tina Fey - Looking Glam

Could this picture be a harbinger for things to come?

There, I said it. I’ll bet doubters will snicker as they read this. However, just remember that people probably snickered when the same thing was said about predominantly comedic actors Tom Hanks and Robin Williams in the 1980’s – when they exhibited a flair for the dramatic mixed in with the ridiculous premises of Bosom Buddies and Mork and Mindy – and look at their mantles now… filled with little, shiny, golden men.

Back to Fey and the newest trailer for her upcoming film “Admission,” in which she co-stars with Paul Rudd and acts for director Paul Weitz, and opens on March 6, 2013 – just in time for Oscar season.


Both Fey and Rudd have similar early film careers, as Rudd was first seen in “Clueless,” a film about popularity in the 1990s among barely likable high school girls. Fey had her feature film coming-out party, writing and starring in “Mean Girls,” a 2000’s-era ode to popularity among completely unlikable high school girls. “Admission” brings their careers full-circle and plunks them into the world of colleges and universities and their application process.

From the trailer alone, the plot looks simple enough. Fey plays a Princeton admissions officer who is rigid and calculated as to who she accepts into this illustrious den of education and then… presto!… former classmate Rudd calls and tells her that a bright, yet awkward teenage boy that he has been mentoring might be the long lost son that   she gave up for adoption when she was a younger lass. Uh oh! Well, as you can probably gather, many scenes of heartwarming growth ensue, mixed in with wacky, physical comedy and a pinch of that sarcastic sense of humor that Fey and Rudd have made a career out of.

If it all sounds vaguely familiar, look no further than director Weitz, who coincidentally started his film career with a high school movie too -“American Pie.” In his coming-of-age film “About a Boy,” Weitz managed to make a pretty solid dramedy about an underachieving, yet stressed-out adult, played by Hugh Grant, that gains love and wisdom from a young man entering into his busy life. Ten years later and Weitz is back at it, this time with Fey swapping positions with Grant.

The success of this film is highly contingent on the angularly beautiful Fey being able to single-handedly capture an audience’s attention without the help of an ensemble cast. You could also say that the chemistry between Fey and Rudd will be a contributing factor as well, but I have no doubt that they will be spot-on together. 

Furthermore, I am fairly sure that Fey can pull off a movie where she is the star – a sentiment that, no doubt, Focus Features agrees with as they are really plugging this film, with this being trailer #2. However, in early posters, the safety net is firmly in place as Fey AND Rudd have shared the top billing.

As for my prediction regarding award-season gold, I believe that this film (I know it’s a bold statement after only seeing the trailer) will be the tipping point in Fey’s career and the Academy ‘s love shouldn’t be too far behind.


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