DVD Review: Californication: The Fifth Season

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Our friends out at CBS Films sent over a little something special for us to review in the form of “Californication: The Fifth Season”, and this one’s a little on the strange side, in several definitions of the term.

“Californication: The Fifth Season” follows novelist Hank Moody, a man who has plenty of issues in his life. He’s got a 13 year old daughter he’s raising all by his onesies, a torch he’s carrying for his ex, and a career that’s looking to just plain old explode. That is, unless his life does first, because Hank Moody is a man with some serious self-destructive tendencies. A heavy drinker, a frequent smoker, and a womanizer so profound that even Don Juan would be urging him to get tested, he’s a man with a lot of weight on his shoulders. But Hank’s about to make a major move and go back to Los Angeles, where a whole new set of challenges await him. One of his many exes, his agent–oh, and a rapper by the name of Samurai Apocalypse–are about to make life a whole lot hotter for Hank Moody than even he thought possible.

If it makes an inordinate amount of sense to see David Duchovny play a raging sex fiend with booze issues, well, it’s because it probably should. But there’s no denying that Duchovny does do a great job of playing this guy who is, essentially, taking his life into his hands most every day he wakes up. I confess that I hadn’t seen much “Californication”, being that it was a Showtime property and I felt no need to fork over for that kind of service, but Duchovny is doing a great job of playing a man who looks so downright haunted that you expect the whole thing to turn into a kind of prequel–or maybe sequel, who knows?–for “The Sixth Sense”.

Of course, with a name like “Californication” you expect lots of sex, and there will be no disappointment here. For crying out loud, the first show of the fifth season managed to use the word “sodomize” in the first three minutes. “Californication” won’t be shying away from the sex part of things, not in the least. But it’s still pretty well put together, watching this haunted man try to keep things under control despite the raging temptation going off all around him, while everyone else impacts his life. There’s a lot more going on than just the Hank Moody show, after all, and seeing what everyone else has going on is no less a thrill.

By way of extra features, users get access to the first two episodes of “House of Lies”, which we tackled only recently out here, but if this is how you see it, it’s worthwhile. Additionally, E-Bridge technology would step in to provide the first two episodes of both “Dexter” and “The Borgias”. There are also English subtitles, always a welcome extra.

“Californication: The Fifth Season” will not be for everybody. This is extremely adult-audience stuff, and many adults will likely find themselves thinking that way too much is being discussed here. Still though, for those willing to take the plunge and don’t mind seeing and hearing about some stuff you never, for example, want to hear with your parents in the room–let alone from your parents–then you may just have a new favorite show in the making here.


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