Netflix May Revive Cult Series Jericho

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Despite PR failures on some other fronts, Netflix seems to be doing a good job positioning itself as the company which makes the dreams of fans of canceled cult TV shows come true.

After announcing that production of a new season of Arrested Development, to be made available to Netflix subscribers, is set to finally begin this summer, Netflix has apparently approached CBS about reviving the cult show Jericho according to a report by TV Guide Magazine.

Jericho was CBS’s thus far lone attempt to buy into contemporary quality TV tropes such as serialized story arcs, a post-apocalyptic setting, and Lost-like mysteries. And it was a terrible fit for the rest of CBS’s programming, a show with a small but intense fan base on a network adept at churning out the most broadly popular product possible.

As a result it suffered the worst possible fate for fans of such a show: It was unceremoniously canceled  in 2007 with a completely unresolved first-season-ending cliffhanger still up in the air.  This in turn led to that rarest of things: a fan campaign to revive a canceled TV show that was actually successful. The most memorable tactic the fans employed was sending over 20 tons of nuts to CBS headquarters, a reference to a key line of dialogue from the season one finale.

In response to the fan campaign, CBS renewed the show for seven more episodes with the promise that they would consider ordering further episodes if viewership increased. Instead, viewership actually declined and Jericho was canceled a second time by CBS, this time for good, in March of 2008.

Since then there’s been the usual dance that goes on in these situations with cult shows. The series has been continued in graphic novels, there’s been talk of a movie, there’s been talk of an agreement to produce more episodes in partnership with Comcast, similar to the arrangement with DirectTV for Friday Night Lights etc. Other than the graphic novels, none of this has actually come to pass however. These talks between CBS and Netflix would seem to represent the best possible chance for Jericho to get back on television in some form, but the talks are in the preliminary stages and there are still a host of logistical and financial obstacles to overcome.

Exclusive: Will Netflix Give Jericho (Another) New Life? [TV Guide]

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