Box Office Report: “The Hobbit” Dominates Weekend, “Les Mis” Grabs Xmas Crowd

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Please note that these numbers don’t include Dec. 25 releases. Movieline estimates that “Les Miserables” took in $18.0M on Christmas Day, followed by “Django Unchained” at $15.5M.

What other movie took in major coin while Santa Claus started recharging for next year’s flight?

1.) “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,”$36.7M. Movieline reports that Peter Jackson’s high-tech blockbuster made another $10.8M on Tuesday. Hooray, commerce!

2.) “Jack Reacher,” $15.6M. I’m a little confused why a movie that revolves around a mass shooting wasn’t postponed in light of the Sandy Hook tragedy, especially when the release of “Gangster Squad” got pushed back four months after the Aurora movie theater shooting.

3.) “This is 40,” $12M. This is disappointing. I thought Judd Apatow owned half of Hollywood. How could you lie to me, magazine feature writers?

4.) “Rise of the Guardians,” $5.9M. “Parental Guidance” and the 3D version of “Monsters, Inc” means farewell to the kiddie box office champ.

5.) “Lincoln,” $5.6M. Edging out the premiere of “The Guilt Trip.” How is that Barbra Streisand looks younger than Seth Rogen in this poster?

Source: The Internet Movie Database


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