Drake Wants People to Start Paying Him for Use of “YOLO,” Has Saddest Christmas Ever

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If for some reason you don’t follow Drake (aka champagnepapi) on Instagram and, even more strangely, weren’t perusing his feed on Christmas Day you may have missed his peculiar method of celebrating Christmas.

As first noticed by Noisey the Toronto rapper apparently spent part of the day going to a Walgreen’s and then a Macy’s photographing clothing with the word “YOLO” (i.e. You Only Live Once) on it and complaining that he wasn’t seeing any income from this appropriation of a slang term most closely associated with him.

As Noisey points out, this sequence of events could be interpreted in one of two ways “either Drake was in a Walgreens and then a Macy’s, saw clothes with his own motto on them and decided to FINALLY SPEAK OUT, or he was bored on Christmas and decided to troll some people.” Either way, the Instagram posts provided a bit of entertainment for those seeking a short respite from time spent with their family on Christmas Day, especially with Drake’s hilariously Canadian spelling of “cheque.” I wonder, does he call Jay-Z Jay-Zed?

So, assuming Drake was being serious, does he have a leg to stand on here? While I don’t think even Drake would assert that he came up with the phrase “You only live once” he actually didn’t even originate shortening it to “YOLO.” Most think the made up word first came up in the Drake/Rick Ross track “Lord Knows” and there it was Ross who said it a sort of random aside, not Drake. YOLO however did achieve mass popularity due to the Drake, L’il Wayne, Tiga song “The Motto”:

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