Box Office Report: “Hobbit” Holds Off Barrage of New Releases

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Here’s your box office report for this past weekend, complete with snarky commentary.

1.) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, $32.9M–We all have movies that we cannot muster enthusiasm to watch. “The Hobbit” could cure cancer and update my wardrobe but I would still have no interest in paying $12 to see this.  And I’m not really sure why.

2.) Django Unchained, $30.7M–I think how much you enjoy (or hate) Tarantino’s latest pop culture pastiche lies in how you interpret Christoph Waltz’s talk about Django (Jamie Foxx) playing a character in their adventures.

3.) Les Misérables, $28M–Quite possibly the most emotionally pandering movie of 2012. I’m surprised Tom Hooper decided not to have “I Dreamed a Dream” sung by crying, orphaned kittens. While it rained fire. And captured it all in glorious wide-angle shots.

4.) Parental Guidance, $14.8M–The trailer begged us not to watch it, so why did so many people ignore the warning? Is Marisa Tomei going topless again?

5.) Jack Reacher, $14M–Joins 21 Jump Street, Skyfall, and The Avengers as one of 2012’s most entertaining movies. The reason? Director-writer Christopher McQuarrie embraces–and mocks–the macho stupidity of the hard boiled, tough guy genre. It’s like a smarter version of Road House.

Source: IMDB

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