The Pilot to ‘The Farm’ Will Finally Air, as an Episode of ‘The Office’

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Fans of failed back-door pilots rejoice! The Farm will be incorporated into the final season of The Office and join the hallowed ranks of other ill-fated back-door pilots like that one episode of Mr. Ed in which the cast is gently terrorized by cartoon aliens and that final episode of The Facts of Life in which Blair becomes Mrs. Garrett (or something).

The Farm –which found Dwight Schrute leaving his job at Dunder Mifflin to work full time at Schrute Farms- will air sometime before The Office’s series finale in 2013, TVLine reported Thursday.

The pilot, which NBC passed on in October, will not air the way it was originally intended. As Daniels told the site,

“We’re not going to air exactly what it was, because it has certain aspects that were appropriate for a pilot of a new show,” he says. “We’re going to shoot a little additional material to make it fit into the season more.”

All of which is good news mainly because it means we could get more of Dwight’s weird cousin Mose who was not a part of the original cast. This may explain why the pilot wasn’t picked up. If there’s one thing America hates it’s a television show that doesn’t give them at least one character that is an off-putting bearded man who lives in a barn.

But please Office fans, don’t cry for Dwight Schrute. Cry for all of the other Office characters who weren’t given their own pilots. Weep loudly knowing we’ll never get to see Oh, that Kevin! Or Oscar! Oscar! Oscar! Or even better a bleak, Gummo-esque sitcom involving the sad, private life of alcoholic floozy Meredith. Yes, life is unfair but don’t hate your television. Hate the game.

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