Is ‘Twin Peaks’ Coming Back From the Black Lodge? (UPDATE: Probably not)

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Together again?

Could the next back-from-the-dead TV series be David Lynch’s surreal mystery Twin Peaks? It’s far, far from a reality, but rumblings are there.

 Warming Glow aggregated some bits and pieces about a potential Twin Peaks revival. First, cocreator Mark Frost said in an interview with Sci-Fi Now magazine that he and David Lynch have occasionally considered returning to the Twin Peaks universe. After that, the Twitter account @TwinPeaksredux produced a note from a spy alleging that Lynch has met with NBC about the possibility of putting show back on the air.

 Twin Peaks ran on ABC for two seasons, starting in 1990. It was a huge cult sensation before quickly flaming out in its second season; a wrap-up movie, “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me,” followed in 1992. Various home video releases have followed in the years since, bringing the show’s popularity to subsequent generations.

So will Twin Peaks return after a long hiatus, like Arrested Development, Dallas and Boy Meets World before it? I’ll believe it when I see it, but if it’s real, I’ll certainly watch it.

UPDATE: Yes, denials all around. 

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