At The End of the Day: Django Analyzed, The Dude and the Cliff and Douche Kings of Westeros

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Those guys remind me of Congress!

Jonathan Chait on how “The Big Lebowski” explains the fiscal cliff deal (New York magazine)

Movie critic Sean Burns with some movie new years’ resolutions (Philadelphia Weekly)

I’ve liked some of the writing about “Django Unchained” more than I liked the movie. A roundup of the best stuff (Criticwire)

Checking in on the current ‘SNL‘ season (Splitsider)

“Incest Knight,” “Douche King,” and other colloquial nicknames for every Game of Thrones character (Warming Glow)

In his first Grantland piece, Wesley Morris on the Oscar race (Grantland)

On the same site, Norm MacDonald previews the golf tour (Grantland)

Drew Magary profiles the former Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion (GQ)

A supercut of every pop culture reference in Quentin Tarantino’s movies (College Humor)

Some major albums, from 1993, that are now 20 years old (Buzzfeed)

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