R. Kelly Pays Tribute to Families of Sandy Hook Victims

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Good ol’ Kellz is doing his civic duty and offering peace and warmth to the affected families of the Sandy Hook school shooting that took place last month in Newtown, Conn., in the best way he knows how.

The originator of the ‘hip-hopera’ enlisted the help of a children’s choir in his “I Know You’re Hurting,” a song that sounds strangely reminiscent of that awful “Heal the World” super-collab from the 80s. Check it out for yourself below:

As you can hear, Kellz doesn’t sing a note on the track — most likely a deliberate move, to allow the children’s voices to be heard. Just his faint whisper, sweet like caramel is heard throughout the ballad. It’s a real emotional song and although uplifting, may jerk tears right out of you.

The song is currently available on iTunes, where all proceeds go to the families.

Say what you want about R. Kelly, his talents and his personal life; he’s a class act in my book.


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