Edwin Edwards: From the Jailhouse to the ‘Real House’

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A&E is planning a new reality show featuring a retired and formerly jailed politician and his much-younger wife.

According to Entertainment Weekly, The Governor’s Wife, which will debut on the channel next month, centers on the odd couple of Edwin Edwards, the 85-year-old, multi-time former governor of Louisiana, and his 34-year-old wife, Trina. The couple, who both have multiple children from previous marriages, met as pen pals while Edwards was serving a ten-year prison stretch on racketeering charges, and married after he was released in 2011.

The official description, as cited by EW:

The series follows Trina as she attempts to fit into the former governor’s upscale world and busy social life while trying to get along with daughters twice her age and corral her teenage sons. Between school projects, running for president of the Homeowner’s Association, fending off skeptics who think she’s a gold digger, and thoughts of adding a baby of their own to the mix, the Edwards clan truly represent a new take on the modern family.

While this is his first reality show, Edwards has had a tendency to do things more than once. He served four terms  -three of them non-consecutive- as governor of Louisiana between 1972 and 1996, and he’s been married three times. But that’s not even a record for his family; one of this daughters is a 62-year-old four-time divorcee.

On top of that, the colorful Edwards is perhaps best known for his exclamation, in 1983, that “the only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy,” and for defeating the notorious former Klan leader David Duke in a 1991 election in which Edwards supporters distributed bumper stickers stating “Vote for the crook: it’s important.”

The show could be intriguing, with the potential to rope in both the ‘Real Housewives’ audience and political junkies. The Governor’s Wife debuts in late February.

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