Acclaimed Comic Writer Peter David Suffers Stroke

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Peter David, an award-winning author famous for his unprecedented 12-year run on Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk,  is recovering from a stroke. David’s wife, Kathleen, blogged that he’s lost most of the use of his right arm and leg and has blurred vision in his right eye. In spite of the struggles, he’s retained his sense of good humor.

Among his classics are the story Future Imperfect, which pits the Hulk against The Maestro, a more powerful, more experienced version of himself. The prolific author has also done Star Trek novels, novelizations of Marvel movies including “Spider-Man” and “Hulk,” and recent video game Spider-Man: The Edge of Time.

Medical bills are piling up for the family, and that’s where we can help. Purchases of his works from Crazy 8 Press are the quickest way to help. They are also available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Among his Crazy 8 offerings are Pulling Up Stakes, a two-part saga about a vampire hunter. His lineage goes back to the French Revolution, which in this mythology wasn’t really about rich vs poor, but vampire vs human.

The Camelot Papers reminds that political intrigue is as old as time itself. Merlin as Karl Rove? Guinevere rocking pantsuits like Hilary Clinton? The more politics changes, the more it stays the same in this novel. Purchasing David’s Marvel graphic novels helps as well.

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