Peter Berg, Will Smith Have Talked Hancock Sequel

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Director Peter Berg is extremely busy promoting “Battleship,” a board-game based tale pitting Rihanna against an armada of aliens. While talking about that movie, Ask Men asked Berg about the potential for a sequel to 2008 superhero romp “Hancock.” It starred Will Smith as a homeless, alcoholic superhero who often did more harm than good. Jason Bateman portrayed the PR agent who tried to mold him into a kinder, gentler hero.

Berg said he had just spoken with Smith and producer Akiva Goldsmith, and that it was a productive conversation. The director notes everyone involved is really busy, but still thinks there’s a “good chance it will get made.”  Let me see. Will Smith project? Superhero action? In sequel happy Hollywood, I would be surprised if it doesn’t happen.

The director’s latest effort, “Battleship,” fires colored pegs at theaters May 18. We’ll see Smith on the screen next in a sequel to one of his biggest movies: “Men in Black.” MIB 3 lands May 25.

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