Anna Faris Continues Down the Path of Least Resistance with ‘Mom’

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Anna Faris

If you heard something that sounded like a thousand critics screaming out at once in agony it may have been because Anna Faris has yet again agreed to appear in something that’s clearly beneath her. In this case it’s the title role in CBS’ Chuck Lorre-produced comedy pilot Mom, according to TVLine.

The once-promising actress –who it should be noted- can be funny in the films that don’t require their cast to slip on dog shit, bang their heads into walls or make pop-cultural references that are at least four years out of date, will play a newly sober single mom who tries to pull her life together in the Napa Valley.

The script – which was co-written by Lorre- will be expected (by me at least) to be a 22 minute joke about blow-jobs that is occasionally obscured by a blaring laugh-track. Ugh. You are a glittering rainbow of mediocrity, Chuck Lorre.

However, to be fair, as annoying as it is to watch Faris continually traipse down the path of least resistance; she did turn down the chance to star in Scary Movie 5. So, she clearly won’t appear in anything. Just mostly anything.


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