Game On: Costner NFL Draft Film May Go Forward

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A film about the NFL Draft, starting Kevin Costner as the general manager of a football team, is back on track after falling apart a few months.

 According to Vulture, “Draft Day,” which Ivan Reitman is slated to direct, has been snapped up by Lionsgate, after a previous version of the film at Paramount was kiboshed last fall. The film, written by Rajiv Joseph and Scott Rothman, has since taken the top spot on the annual “Black List” of Hollywood’s most highly regarded unproduced screenplays.

Now, negotiations are set to commence between Reitman and Lionsgate.

The film stars Costner as the general manager of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, and follows him throughout the day of the NFL Draft, as he decides how to handle a high draft pick while also dealing with his personal life. Costner is of course no stranger to sports films, but he’s never before played a team executive.

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  • Shawn Kotzen

    Sounds like “For Love of the Game,” with the pitching a perfect game being replaced by drafting a perfect prospect. Let’s hope Kelly Preston doesn’t make an appearance.