After Some Initial Discomfort, ‘Human Centipede 3′ Will Pass with a Minimum of Strain

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Ladies and gentlemen, our long national nightmare is finally over. Wake your kids, call the neighbors, and hug a loved one because “Human Centipede 3″
is officially happening. According to Movieline, series director Tom Six and Human Centipede’s star Dieter Laser have settled their creative differences and are moving forward with the third and possibly final film in the franchise that will culminate with a 500-person centipede chain. Yes, God does listen to your prayers. 

The trouble between Six and Laser started last year when Laser felt that the script for the third film lacked a marathon of concrete full throttled-ness or whatever it is he’s trying to say here:

I loved the story when it was told, got the contract and the promise to have the script in 4 to 6 weeks”. Laser said in a statement. “When it arrived- half a year later and only after the official announcement- I didn’t like the realization at all, couldn’t identify with the character the way it was written and developed immediately and enthusiastically in a day and night marathon a version full of concrete and practical suggestions which would enable me to play the lead full throttle but this time it also would have had some unavoidable effects to the dramatic structure.

Laser will be playing a new character in the franchise and be joined by Human Centipede 2’s villain Laurence R. Harvey. Additionally, Six has not only promised to set the film in America but hints at an appearance from a “big American celebrity”. However, it should be noted that when Six says “big American celebrity” he probably means “we can afford Val Kilmer” or “Sherri Moon-Zombie was the only one who returned our phone calls” or even “Nicolas Cage just showed up on the set and refused to leave.” 

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