Timberlake is “Ready’ For Music Comeback

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Justin Timberlake: “I’m ready”

Justin Timberlake, in case you forgot, used to be known mostly as a singer. Before he was an actor, movie star and frequent Saturday Night Live host, Timberlake was a multi-platinum musician, both with ‘N Sync and on two hugely popular solo albums.

But now, nearly seven years after his last album, Timberlake is getting ready to return to music. In a YouTube clip released Thursday, which came after a daylong “countdown,” Timberlake discussed his musical process and his reluctance to release substandard material. The short clip closes with Timberlake putting on headphones and proclaiming “I’m ready.”

See the video here:

Timberlake has not announced a title, release date or timetable for new music, nor whether or not he plans to tour.

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