Blu-ray Review: Anger Management Season One

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Our friends out at Lionsgate sent over something for us to cover today, and for those of you who like the slate of shows found on FX, you’ll be in for a treat here as we take a look at Anger Management Season One

Anger Management Season One follows Charlie, played by Charlie Sheen, a former Major League catcher turned therapist with a focus on, as the title implies, anger management following his self-destructive rage that killed his career. While Charlie has a group of regular patients, he also does some pro bono work with a group of state prison inmates. That’s a pretty chaotic life, but throw in Charlie’s own therapist, who’s also his best friend, as well as his ex-wife and their 13 year old daughter, and there are plenty of possibilities for sheer chaos to emerge. For the most part, they will.

FX has put out a lot of fun comedies in the past. These are the guys, after all, who gave us Archer and Unsupervised, along with a horde of other great names like what may well be the greatest sitcom ever created It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Expecting the best out of Anger Management  is not in the least out of line.

But the obvious question, of course, is “can it deliver?” Can Anger Management  bring funny on anywhere near a level that “Sunny” does? Thankfully, for the most part, it will, but in an odd fashion. It’s funny, but it also raises some disturbing questions, like “Why is Charlie Sheen playing a guy named Charlie?” and “Why is Brett Butler playing a bartender named Brett?”. But frankly, Charlie Sheen could be playing a chicken named Lupe as long as it makes me laugh, and “Anger Management” does that on a regular basis.

It likely won’t surprise anyone that the first 15 seconds of “Anger Management” is largely a reprise of his now-infamous “winning” video, or at least part of it.  Self-referential humor for a guy like Charlie Sheen is pretty much a natural route to go, and of course, they will go there. With aplomb.  This is ultimately just fine, however, as the jokes come hard and fast, and many of them hit. Not all of them, of course, but enough of them to make it well worthwhile.

There will also be some special features here, including audio options, your choice of English or Spanish subtitles, a gag reel, an interview with Charlie Sheen about the show, and a featurette involving Charlie’s various patients. Plus, there will be some preview reels of sorts for other Lionsgate television shows like Mad Men, Weeds, Nurse Jackie, Boss, showing bits of the programming in question interspersed with others as well as a trailer of sorts for the Epix network and the fifth season of Mad Men. 

Anger Management Season One is hard not to recommend. It achieves on the most fundamental level that a comedy series can succeed upon: it is funny, and frequently so. It may not be the best show on FX, it may not be the best comedy out there, but it’s funny, and at the end of the day, that does the job.


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