Star Wars Live Action Show May Be Coming to ABC

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Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm caused a fair amount of teeth gnashing among Star Wars lovers. Still, having Disney and its vast media empire in our far away galaxy can get projects on the fast track. A long rumored more adult Star Wars show about Coruscant’s crime families may now happen on ABC.

It sounds like a dream project, according to what Lucasfilm producer Rick McCallum told Entertainment Weekly. He said writers including Battlestar Galactica scribe Ron Moore created incredible scripts, more than 50 of them. McCallum swore the writers to secrecy about the show, but nothing ever happened. Apparently the cost of going to the Star Wars universe weekly wasn’t a check many networks wanted to write.

The show might make more sense in the hands of Disney, now responsible for the future health of the entire brand. They’d have the chance to make any money lost on the show back at the box office, through merchandise sales or any other number of ways.  Cartoon Network’s ratings booster Clone Wars is likely headed to Disney XD and a new movie slated is for 2015. A Star Wars TV show could be both a ratings grabber and a commercial for other projects in the same universe.

Unfortunately, there’s also a chance the movie could stop the TV show from happening.  With TV and movie writers playing in the same universe, there’s the possibility of stepping on each other’s toes. The new movies are going to happen, so if a project gets shelved, it’s going to be the TV show.

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