DVD Review: Girls Against Boys

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Girls Against Boys poster

The battle of the sexes is one that’s been going on pretty much ever since there were sexes to have a battle in the first place. And today, we’re going to get a special close look at said battle thanks to “Girls Against Boys”, a copy of which our friends out at Anchor Bay sent over for us to review. You won’t be able to get this one until Feb. 2, but if you do, you’ll be in for one strange ride.

“Girls Against Boys” sets up to be, essentially, “I Spit On Your Grave” times two. A pair of female bartenders decide to take revenge on the men who’ve been making their lives a deeply unpleasant proposition, and are set to do so in the only fashion that apparently makes sense. Not by talking it out or taking them to court or even just blackmailing them into conformity…oh no, it’s murder time. And when a schism begins to present itself between the murderous duo, the end results will ultimately prove shocking.

I spent about the first fifteen minutes of “Girls Against Boys” wondering where the impetus was going to be. At least in “I Spit On Your Grave”, the lady in question had at least a passable motivation to go off on a good old fashioned murder spree. Sure, it was hard to get behind–that woman went absolutely bonkers, and it wouldn’t be hard to call it disproportionately so–but in “Girls Against Boys”, there isn’t that shot of clear motive until about a third of the movie is down. Then it will just get weird, making about as much narrative sense as if the script had been poorly translated from the original Klingon. If I get this right one of the men in question will be killed because he didn’t show sufficient concern for a rape victim’s well-being. Some killings will make even less sense.

At least the killings in “Girls Against Boys” will be nowhere near as graphic as those of “I Spit On Your Grave”–either the original or the remake–at least for the most part, but this only helps on a certain level. We’re left to do more than a little guessing at this point, as some of the killings here look mostly related to gender politics. I shudder to think of the outcry that would have happened had a pair of male bartenders done this to female victims.

As a political expression, “Girls Against Boys” is pedantic and predictable. As a movie, it’s little more than a string of torture and murder sequences supported by familiar and flimsy motivations. The whole thing is rather weakly put together overall, although it does improve rather well toward the end, turning into something much different than would be expected. It’s actually a welcome treat, but it’s very tough to overcome the hour of familiar slop we had to wander through to get there.

Special features on this one seem to be, as yet, undetermined, as we were sent a very early copy.

“Girls Against Boys” is mostly unpleasant, but ends well. That unusual juxtaposition of two thirds crap to one third intriguing leaves this one as a rental position at best. Brace yourself for the bitter waters you’ll have to go through, but once you reach the other side, you may be at least reasonably satisfied.

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