Jurassic Park 4 Finally Escapes from Development Hell

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After languishing in development hell for almost more than a decade, “Jurassic Park 4″ will finally see the light of day on June 13, 2014.

According to The Wrap, Universal has yet to pick a director for the fourth installment but, as we saw in “Jurassic Park 3,”Steven Spielberg will probably be handing off the directorial reigns to somebody who clearly has no business helming a movie filled with CGI dinosaurs. Personally, I’m pulling for Harmony Korine. “Spring Breakers” is gonna be big.

Outside of the film being shot in 3D (like everything, always, till the end of forever) little is known about the film or whether Spielberg wants to utilize some of the original ideas that were proposed for “Jurassic Park 4 over the years.” Like that concept  in which the dinosaurs would be a commando unit of human/reptilian hybrids. Or that one idea in which the dinosaurs would be equipped with lazers and used in the war effort.

Actually, now that I think of it, that last idea might have been something I dreamed or something I read in a Harry Turtledove novel. I’m really not sure. At any rate, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver are working on the script. Hopefully they’ll be adding a T-Rex with a head-mounted lazer or two.


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