Louis CK May Appear in David O. Russell’s Next Project

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Crack open a bag of dicks it’s time to celebrate because according to The Hollywood Reporter Louis C.K. is currently in talks to join Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams in the David O. Russell period drama formerly known as “American Bullshit.”

In addition to starring in Woody Allen’s comedy “Blue Jasmine,” C.K. is set to play an FBI agent in the film that apparently revolves around Mel Weinberg, a con man who assisted the FBI in a “far reaching corruption case.”

The film is set for a late 2013 release and hopefully will not serve as an irreversible tipping point for the Emmy-winning comedian.

Sure he’s playing small but memorable roles in quirky, independent films right now but in two years he’s playing Shrek’s depressed brother-in-law in Shrek the Fifth and in six years he’s playing Bette Midler’s crotchety (but caring) husband in a comedy about how all of these damn kids will not stop texting each other in their baggy pants on his lawn.


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