At the End of the Day: No Death Star, Reviewing the Hit King and Blazing Django

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Excuse me while I whip this out…

A.J. Daulerio and John Cook appear to have traded jobs at Gawker: Cook is now the editor, while Daulerio is the Girls recapper (Gawker)

A mashup of “Amour” and The Golden Girls (Vulture)

A really excellent making-of feature about Lindsay Lohan, director Paul Schrader and porn star James Deen’s new movie “The Canyons” (New York Times)

The full text of the White House’s rejection of the petition requesting it build a Death Star (

Will Leitch reviews the first episode of Pete Rose’s reality show (Sports on Earth)

A thinkpiece about Pretty Little Liars (The Atlantic)

Did you notice an echo of “Blazing Saddles” when you saw “Django Unchained”? Mel Brooks did too (Vulture)

Who all the people in “Zero Dark Thirty” really were (Slate)

Why Hollywood’s bias, in some ways, is conservative (The Atlantic)

A plea for Tina Fey to join Twitter (New York magazine)

A supercut of insulting nicknames on Archer (Slacktory)

Columnist Neal Gabler on the truth about “Zero Dark Thirty” (Boston Globe)

Quentin Tarantino, who used the N-word about 150 times in his latest movie, supposedly said it backstage at the Golden Globes (New York Post)

The case against the Razzie awards (Badass Digest)

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