America Shrugs Indifferently as Syfy Cancels ‘Alphas’

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Give yourself a pat on the back America because your letter writing campaign has finally paid off. The Syfy channel has heard all of your anguished pleas and heartfelt correspondences and is finally canceling Alphas. People can make a difference!

Syfy will not be renewing the little-loved show which apparently was about a “group of people with various superhuman abilities” but could just have easily been about lizard people on a spaceship or robot people on a future submarine or whatever. Who cares?

For those select few who actually heard of Alphas before reading this article, the show’s cancellation shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. According to Entertainment Weekly,Alpha‘s second season debut last summer only delivered 1.7 million viewers, which was down significantly from its series debut the prior year. Syfy tried switching showrunners between the show’s first and second season in hopes of improving the numbers”.

But the bigger question remains, what new show will be replacing Alphas? Will it be about lizard people on a spaceship? Or robot people on a future submarine? At this point, no one can say or care.

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