DVD Review: The Men Who Built America

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A magnificent slice of history comes our way from an unlikely source, as Lionsgate puts together and sends our way a copy of “The Men Who Built America”. First seen on the History Channel, now we’re getting a shot at it on DVD. And this massive set will do an amazing job of covering the history of the United States from an unusual angle: the business angle. It will be available on January 22, and it will be well worth checking out.

“The Men Who Built America” takes a closer look at the business angle of the history of America, focusing on people like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt and several others. The factories, the innovations, the advancements and the troubles and struggles these men faced, seeing opportunity in a nation that was on the verge of complete collapse in the days immediately following the American Civil War are all represented here in a broad and sweeping epic. Here, you’ll see much of what you may have already known, and likely, a few things you didn’t.

Set up as an unusual kind of part miniseries, part documentary in the standard History Channel fashion, there will be plenty of commentary from outside entrepreneurs and industrialists of the modern era like Mark Cuban, Donald Trump, Jack Welch and several more. This is where the History Channel’s truest strength shines, as a way to present a whole lot of information in a very rapid fashion and do so in a fashion that is both entertaining and attention-getting. They will indeed put out a lot of information in very rapid fashion, but it won’t be dull, and it won’t be too dense, either. It’s actually kind of amazing how often the stories seem to interconnect; John D. Rockefeller, for example, was partially created–at least his industry was–by Cornelius Vanderbilt.

“The Men Who Built America” is history writ large in every sense. It’s hugely educational, hugely entertaining, and, overall, hugely engaging. This is powerful stuff, make no mistake, and those who watch should be quite thoroughly impressed with the whole thing.

Special features will be well in attendance here, with a set of audio options and your choice of English or Spanish subtitles. There will also be a variety of never before seen bits in several featurettes like “The Rise of Cornelius Vanderbilt”, “The American Dream”, “The Every Man” and several others. Additionally, there will also be a set of trailers for similar release “Titanic: Blood and Steel”, “The Conspirator”, “Boss: Season One”, and “Mad Men: Season 5″.

“The Men Who Built America” is going to be an enormous venture, stuffed full of information and presented in a fashion that won’t help but hold attention. For anyone with the slightest interest in how America came to be an economic superpower, or just history in general, or even those wanting a surprisingly engaging and extraordinarily realistic drama, “The Men Who Built America” will be just what you needed.

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