Paul Dano to Play a Young Brian Wilson in ‘Love and Mercy’

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The Onion AV Club is reporting that Paul Dano- an actor best known for his roles in “There Will Be Blood” and “Looper”- is set to play a young Brian Wilson in “Love & Mercy” an upcoming bio-pic that will examine the bizarre life of the former Beach Boy.

Wilson – who once believed that witches were using ESP to “mess with his brain”, forced a studio full of musicians to wear fire helmets when he was recording “Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow” for the long-shelved album Smile and was convinced that Phil Spector was trying to kill him (which, admittedly, isn’t that far-fetched) – has officially sanctioned the film with his wife Melinda.

In addition to Dano, Love & Mercy will boast a script by Oren Moverman who also gave us “I’m Not There” and “Jesus’s Son”. Atticus Ross, Trent Reznor’s occasional collaborator, is currently in talks to do the movie’s score. However, as the AV Club notes, “nothing’s set in stone yet”.

Full disclosure: Brian Wilson is one of two things I don’t actively despise in life (the other thing is Popeye. Just in case you were wondering. But you weren’t) so it almost goes without saying that I’m actually looking forward to “Love & Mercy” if only because it might finally explain why Wilson felt so compelled to write a song about the power and beauty of Johnny Carson. But the answer to that is probably already obvious (his brain was all “loony-balloony” at the time).


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