New Trailer for “Emperor” Has Matthew Fox Being Handsome, Tommy Lee Jones Scowling

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Here’s the trailer for the historical drama “Emperor,” starring Matthew Fox and Tommy Lee Jones. The movie opens March 8th. Let’s take a look.

OK, I spot two issues. First, I don’t trust Fox carrying a movie, especially when a pro’s pro such as Jones is around. Second, is it just me, or does Jones go in and out of his Douglas MacArthur accent?

From this point on, let’s call that condition “Costnering.” Agreed? Agreed.

What do you think of “Emperor”? Will you see it with the inevitable contingent of proud veterans and nostalgia-starved grandparents? Or will you pass and see “Lincoln” for a third time? Will Fox finally see the light of day and initiate a “Party of Five” feature film?

So many questions. Leave your thoughts below.

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