Box Office Report: Jessica Chastain’s Excellent Weekend

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Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty

Here’s you box office report for the past weekend, complete with snarky commentary.

1.) “Mama,” $28.1M. You know who’s happier right now than Jessica Chastain, the star of this surprise hit and “Zero Dark Thirty”? Her agent.

2.) “Zero Dark Thirty,” $17.6M. Here’s an interesting debate as we head toward the Academy Awards: Do you prefer this or “Argo”? Also, which movie benefited more from its release date?

3.) “Silver Linings Playbook,” $11.4M. According to David O. Russell, love (and dance contests) can conquer mental illness. So, of course, this movie gets nominated for a zillion Oscars.

4.) “Gangster Squad,” $9.1M. Every time I see this title, I immediately think of “The Monster Squad.” Maybe that’s why it hasn’t performed so hot.

5.) “Broken City,” $9.0M. Well, at least Russell Crowe doesn’t sing all of his lines in this one.

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