Coming to the Big Screen: Lance Armstrong, Villain

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Lance Armstrong in “Dodgeball”

For the last several years, there have been rumblings around Hollywood that a biopic of Lance Armstrong was in the works- that is, the version of the Lance Armstrong story in which the cyclist came up from beating cancer to win seven straight Tours de France, while totally clean, and repeatedly showing up his many French accusers.

In light of recent events, I’d say everyone associated with those efforts can be thankful that such a project never came to fruition. Jake Gyllenhaal once aspired to play Armstrong for producers Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy, while Alex Gibney has been working on a still-unfinished documentary about Armstrong for years.

Now, a more updated version of the Armstrong story may be headed to the screen. JJ Abrams and Paramount Pictures have obtained the movie rights to an upcoming nonfiction book about Armstrong, his downfall and the means by which he and his teammates doped for many years, Deadline reported last week. It’s a fascinating story and I could very much see it turning into an outstanding movie. 


The only problem? The proposed book the potential movie is based on is by Juliet Macur, and it’s called “Cycle Of Lies: The Fall Of Lance Armstrong.” “Cycle of Lies”? Really? You’ve gotta do better than that.


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