Roger Ebert to Appear In, Give Two Thumbs Up To, Documentary

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In news that either proves we’re running out of subjects to base a documentary around or that if you live in the public eye long enough somebody is eventually going to celebrate that fact by filming you as you sit in a chair and tell everybody about that time you farted in front of your freshman English class, The Wrap is reporting that CNN Films has acquired a documentary about film critic Roger Ebert.

The as of yet untitled documentary will be based on Ebert’s memoir Life Itself and directed by Steve James (best remembered for giving us “Hoop Dreams”). Martin Scorsese will be the executive producer.

It’s hoped (by me) that the documentary will spark a trend and we’ll get to see more movies based around other famous film critics. Such as a gritty police procedural in which Gene Shalit plays a cop on the edge who uses his unique abilities (using puns, having a body that’s completely covered in coarse, salt and pepper pubic hair) to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a beloved senator and a documentary about Rex Reed that is really just footage of him making bitchy comments as he watches the Ebert documentary.

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