‘Zombieland: The Series’ Coming to Amazon

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Remember that movie you saw in theaters a few years ago that seemed so totally awesome at the time but when you re-watched it on DVD seemed kind of empty, sort of boring and really wasn’t as funny as you remembered it? Well, now it’s going to be a TV show! But not just any TV show! It’s going to be the kind of TV show that can only be watched once you purchase individual episodes from!

Yes, io9 is reporting that “Zombieland: The Series” is bypassing network television in favor of’s instant video service. The brand new, half-hour episodes will focus on the continuing adventures of the film’s original characters but –obviously- without the original cast which will now most likely consist of Jeff Speakman, Andy Dick, a photograph of Emma Stone and an actual corpse.

Ironically, “Zombieland” was originally conceived as a television series which makes sense considering that it always looked less like an actual movie and more like something that would fit comfortably between UFC “punch-offs” (or whatever you want to call it) and  the constant onslaught of Axe Body Spray commercials on Spike TV.

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