The Postal Service is Reuniting! Or, as they Might Say “Bleep Bleep, Bloop Bloop”

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PostalAs confirmed by Billboard this week, the synth-pop duo The Postal Service is reuniting for some live dates this year. In addition Sub Pop will release a deluxe tenth anniversary edition of the duo’s only album Give Up. Yes, that album is ten years old now. In related news: you are old.

The Postal Service is comprised of Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and electronic music producer Jimmy Tamborello (aka Dntel.) After Gibbard contributed vocals to the Dntel production “The Dream of Evan and Chan” and they were both happy with the results, they decided to create a whole album together. They called their collaboration The Postal Service because Tamborello would send the instrumentals to Gibbard in the mail and Gibbard would send them back with his vocals added.

The record became an out-of-left-field hit in addition to being a critical darling. There’s something about the combination of Tamborello’s bleeps and bloops that works much better with Gibbard’s sad sack romanticism than the more typical indie pop/rock he does with Death Cab for Cutie and as a solo artist. According to Billboard Give Up is the second highest selling album in the history of Sub Pop, behind only Nirvana’s Bleach. The duo toured very little in support of the album, which only added to its cult status. The Postal Service’s music started penetrating the broader culture when their song “Such Great Heights,” their closest thing to a “hit single” ever, was used in a UPS ad. The song was then covered by Iron & Wine and that version was used on the popular soundtrack to the movie “Garden State.”

There have been various rumors of Postal Service reunions since 2007, but both Gibbard and Tamborello have made it clear that they won’t be recording any new material, just going on tour. Billboard confirms that one of the dates the duo will be playing is this year’s Coachella festival. Further details on the exact contents of the tenth anniversary edition of Give Up can be found on the band’s brand new website.

The Postal Service Reuintes [Billboard]

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