Bill Hader May or May Not Star in ‘Baywatch’ Reboot

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There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding Bill Hader’s participation/non-participation in the upcoming “Baywatch” reboot movie. While The Wrap is reporting that Hader will be playing Mitch Buchannon -a role originated by David Hasselhoff-  New York Daily News is also reporting that Hader had not yet been cast and the script isn’t even finished yet. Whatever the case may be, the mere fact that the filmmakers are considering Hader for the role seems to indicate that the film is moving on the right track.

Adapting Baywatch for the big screen is an idea that’s been kicked around in Hollywood for close to a decade. The concept has seen several permutations over the years including a straightforward adaptation which seemed incredibly stupid and misguided especially considering that even porno movies refuse to take Baywatch’s premise seriously.

But this latest version of the concept seems to be the most promising. Directed and co-written by Robert Ben Garant – star of “Reno 911″ and former member of the sketch comedy group “The State”- “Baywatch: The Movie” will supposedly revolve around a group of lifeguards who discover that an abandoned oil rig off the coast of Malibu is actually a meth lab.

The film will also boast self-deprecating cameos from Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson who seemed oddly reluctant to appear in this stating that , “[…] doing a movie sometimes ruins these really great TV shows.” Of course, “Baywatch” wasn’t great and was barely a TV show –it was basically just soft focus shots of wet boobs bouncing along to music that sounded like the New Age mewlings of Enya for roughly an hour- so she clearly has nothing to worry about.

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