Mad Men Returns in April

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It’s springtime for Mad Men. The acclaimed AMC series will return for its sixth season on April 7, AMC announced Wednesday. The show will start with a two-hour premiere episode written by series creator Matthew Weiner.

While Weiner and others in the Mad Men camp have traditionally been tight-lipped about details going into each season, Weiner shared some details about the new season in an interview with The Daily Beast: This season is the series’ second-to-last; there will be a time jump from last season, although he did not say how big of one and Elizabeth Moss (Peggy) will remain a regular on the show.

The premiere date means the 13-episode season will air on AMC following the end of the upcoming The Walking Dead season, and prior to the beginning of the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad this summer. Mad Men‘s first four seasons all began in July or August and finished in October or November, but the long hiatus between seasons 4 and 5 brought the show to a March-to-June schedule last year.

For those looking to catch up on past seasons, AMC will air episodes of the first five seasons each Sunday morning at 6 a.m. Eastern time. Also, the fifth season will debut on AMC on Demand Feb. 11. And the first four seasons are available on Netflix Instant.

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