DVD Review: Storage Wars: Volume 4

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Money owns this town, and Storage Wars doesn’t do a half bad job of owning television nights in a lot of households. Our friends out at Lionsgate sent over a copy of Storage Wars Volume 4 for us to review, and for the storage wars buff, there will, not surprisingly, be plenty of fun here. This one won’t be out until February 12, so that’s very exciting news indeed.

For those not already familiar, Storage Wars follows a cast of bizarre characters as they take on the world of storage auctions in a bid–no pun intended–to find bizarre treasures left behind in abandoned storage lockers. We join Darrell, the gambler, and an all-around auction devotee and reseller; Barry, the collector, a card beyond all measure who specializes in the weird, the kitschy, and the tactically unsound; Jarrod and Brandi, partners and thrift shop owners eager to make their mark; and Dave, hard-charging thrift store and auction house owner who will do whatever it takes to make the buy, and then promptly rub it in everyone’s face.

These four, generally joined by other auction buyers, are out to find the wonders of what people leave behind when a storage locker goes unpaid for. And while every locker may not be profitable, there’s always something strange waiting.

The thing about Storage Wars: Volume 4 is that it’s not the complete new season. Buying this one might be seen as jumping the gun. Sure, there are interesting extras here, and it’s nice to have that collection of episodes, but for those wanting the fullest experience, it will be worth waiting for the full season. This is also something of a departure for the series, as Dave will be noticeably absent from several of the episodes due to some behind the scenes falling out, which led to a lawsuit. Dave’s kind-of replacement, Jeff Jarred, is a little on the whiny side, and certainly not the bombastic force Dave Hester was. Barry’s reactions to Jeff’s rules lawyering, however, is a delight, as is par for the course with Barry.

The really good thing about Storage Wars in general is that it has multiple points of appeal. Some of them may apply, and all of them might as well. There’s the feuding and interplay between the various storage warriors, then the searching of the units to find what was left behind, then finally, the appraisal of that one key item that’s really interesting in the unit. Of course, the Dave Hester lawsuit suggests that some of this was engineered, but still; it’s fun to watch.

As for special features, there will be your choice of English or Spanish subtitles, as well as a series of special featurettes never before seen on television covering various aspects of the storage warriors’ lives outside of the show, a great plus for those who really enjoy the personalities more than the hunt. Ever wonder about Dave’s cell phone app? How about Barry’s baffling Decko Liner car? All this and more awaits.

Storage Wars: Volume 4 is going to be a great piece for anyone who enjoys the series. The show itself is a lot of fun and all the extras certainly have their place. It may be better to wait for the full new season release if a buying decision enters the field, but still, it’s great stuff in any concentration.


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