‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Reboot Picked Up For Series

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In news that would be considered thrilling if it was 1987 and we still thought the idea of Bronson Pinchot playing a gay Eastern European 

man was intrinsically hilarious, the pilot for the purposed Beverly Hills Cop TV series was finally given the green light.

The pilot will apparently be a continuation of the once-popular film franchise and star Brandon T. Jackson as the son of Axel Foley who will, much like his father, utilize his unique powers of sassiness to take down the criminal elements of Beverly Hills. Deadline is reporting that Eddie Murphy is set to appear in the CBS pilot.

Additionally, while we’re on the subject, here’s a pair of Beverly Hills Cop fun facts for those who might be interested: Sylvester Stallone was originally set to star in the film. In fact, some of the discarded elements from that preliminary version of Beverly Hills Cop found their way into Stallone’s kitsch classic Cobra. Also, at one point there was going to be a film in which Axel Foley and Crocodile Dundee team up and presumably fight crime in the Beverly Hills area. Weird, huh?

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