Sirius XM to Add Comedy Central Radio

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Sirius XM already boasts Raw Dog, Laugh USA and Blue Collar Radio. Now it will launch Comedy Central Radio, powered by the cable channel that’s home to shows such as South Park and The Daily Show. One of the big features is audio from Comedy Central Presents and Premium Blend, both of which are now off the TV airwaves.

In addition to having the hours of comedy material in the network’s archives, comics might come on to promote projects. While guest DJ’ing, they can tout upcoming comedy specials, movies or their live shows.  The radio channel also plans to broadcast from live events such as comedy festivals. They’re looking to launch in spring, possibly on April Fool’s Day.

Mitch Fried, executive vice president of enterprises at Comedy Central, told the Washington Post not to expect Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, as their visual antics don’t necessarily translate to radio. Most of what we’ll be getting on this station is from the library of stand up at Comedy Central’s disposal.


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