DVD Review: The Killing: Season One (Fox)

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The Killing Season One DVD

It’s not a big surprise that the AMC original crime series The Killing, now beginning its second season, was inspired by a Danish TV show—it has a distinctly European art-film feel to it, from the laid-back pacing to the noir color palette to the decidedly downbeat performances. Mireille Enos (best known for her role as a sister wife—actually twin sister wives—on HBO’s Big Love) stars as Sarah Linden, a sharp but burnt-out Seattle homicide detective, who, during her last day on the job (yeah, right), has to deal with just one more case. She believes she’s only on the case temporarily when the body of teenage Rosie Larsen is found, but as the series progresses, she becomes further engrossed in the mystery to the detriment of her relocation plans. Each episode covers 24 hours, shifting between three main plotlines: the murder investigation, the grieving of Rosie’s parents (Michelle Forbes and Brent Sexton), and the complications the case causes to the political campaign of Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell), who may be implicated in the murder. If you’re expecting a typical American cop show a la CSI, where the murderer is discovered and all clues disclosed within an hour, forget it. Some fans of this show’s first season were put off by its lack of resolution (the mystery will reportedly be solved by the end of season two). But it’s definitely worth your time, thanks to excellent acting (Enos is a standout), its spooky Euro-meets-David Lynch tone (the influence of Twin Peaks is strongly felt throughout), and consistently compelling writing.

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