Palin Out, Kucinich In As Fox News Turns into Bizarro World

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PalinAs was announced after close of business on Friday, Fox News and Sarah Palin are ending their three year association. This bit of news, coupled with the announcement the previous week that Dennis Kucinich is becoming a paid contributor to the network, the same role which Palin is vacating, gives at least the superficial appearance that Fox News is going through some sort of political transformation, becoming Bizarro Fox if you will.

As is often the case with such a high-profile parting of ways, there are conflicting accounts of just how amicable the Fox/Palin split was and whose idea it was first. The right-leaning website Real Clear Politics quotes an unnamed source “close to Palin” as saying “It’s my understanding that Gov. Palin was offered a contract by FOX, and she decided not to renew the arrangement.” Meanwhile, Adweek says “others have said that she was not, in fact, offered a new contract.” Though to be fair, Adweek offers no quote or attribution to back up that statement.

Either way, it’s certainly the end of an extraordinarily lucrative and easy arrangement for Palin. According to Brian Stelter’s report at the New York Times, her three-year contract paid $1 million a year, all that for not having to produce her own show but merely being an occasional  contributor to other shows, often filming her own segments from the comfort of her own home. (All the while no doubt impugning the work ethic of those who receive any form of government assistance, defending the Protestant work ethic etc.)

But really, there had been trouble between Palin and Fox almost from the beginning. According to reporting by Gabriel Sherman, who pretty much owns the Fox News beat, when Palin released her infamous “Blood Libel” video in response to the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, she did so explicitly against the wishes of Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes who told her to lie low and let the story blow over.

Ailes was reportedly also unhappy with how long Palin strung out her decision on whether or not to enter the Republican Presidential Primary for the 2012 cycle, and even more unhappy that she gave her official announcement of her decision not to enter the Primary to right wing radio host Mark Levin as opposed to giving it to a host on Fox News. Most recently, Palin took to her preferred medium of deranged facebook posts to complain about Fox dropping her entirely from their coverage of the Republican National Convention in August, which she apparently planned to turn into a forum for rehashing grievances about what the “liberal media” did to John McCain four years earlier.

However exactly the parting of ways happened, it seems undeniable that this represents a new low in terms of political or media influence for a woman who both her cultish fans and terrified liberals (like me) hoped/feared might one day become President. It may just be her final slide into total irrelevance, a process she began with her bizarre decision to step down as Governor of Alaska for hazily explained reasons with 18 months left in her term and accelerated with her decision to do a reality show for TLC,  Sarah Palin’s Alaska. 

Meanwhile, the Dennis Kucinich decision is perhaps not as surprising as it seems either. Kucinich has long been a regular on the network. As Fox News is primarily an entertainment enterprise, they’ve always favored more extreme commenters from the left who they hope will say more outrageous (to the Fox News audience) stuff. Al Sharpton used to regularly appear on the network before MSNBC developed its current liberal identity and got big enough to give him his own show.

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  • astrotriforce

    I wonder what it will take for websites with liberal-minded writers to understand that they alienate just as much of an audience as they gain by writing pieces like this. I realize you like to reinforce how much you hate Fox News and make a couple digs at Republicans to laugh about with other liberals, but that kind of bias rubs Conservatives the wrong way and gives them a hesitate eye at everything else on the site. I enjoyed a lot of articles up until this one. Now I got that yuck taste in my mouth and may not visit the site again. So you just lost a viewer.

    Now while you may gain some from fellow Sarah Palin haters and liberal flame throwers, they will be the kind of people that love to harp on and make fun of other people, so it may not be much of a quality gain. I’ll just put that out there. Making fun of Fox News and Sarah Palin is old and tired, and this makes you look more like a tabloid in terms of content despite the high quality of the writing. I hope you find better stuff to write about in the future and realize that the same group that gave History Channel it’s breakthrough ratings with The Bible series can be much more or just as lucrative.

    Fox News taps into that market which is why they are so successful. The numbers don’t lie. The fact that so many liberal opinionators like to gang up on the few Conservative outlets that exist as if it’s a badge of honor, reminds me the Sony>Microsoft>Nintendo>PC systemwar. There is no winner. In fact it only seeks to turn your comment box into the a youtube commentor cycle of continued degradation of time-wasting pettiness and arguing that only further turns off the masses and keeps them from commenting. Which means the loser is you.

    It’s kind of like continually harping on a movie you think sucks, not understanding that other people hold different opinions and will think you suck instead. So instead of joining the circus, you should rise above it.

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