‘Breaking Bad’ May Get ‘Talking Dead’ Style Companion Show

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PaulAccording to an exclusive report by Deadline, AMC is currently planning to do a live after-show talk show to accompany the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad similar to the way the show Talking Dead follows each new episode of The Walking Dead. They’re currently planning on going with the title Talking Bad, which isn’t nearly as good as Sean O’Neal’s suggestion of After-Meth. 

If Talking Bad comes to fruition it will be the third show in AMC’s weird little mini-genre of talk shows/reality shows which air after scripted dramas and are in some way related to them. On Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick and guests pretty much show you the episode of The Walking Dead you just watched and add insightful commentary like “Woah! That was awesome!” Chris Farley Show style.

Then there’s The Pitch, a reality show about advertising pitches which airs after Mad Men. That way, after you’ve watched an episode of Mad Men where, say, a woman sells her body and soul to help her firm win an account you can then watch a reality show where two ad agencies will do “whatever it takes” to land an account, and, like, root for one of them I guess?

Talking Bad will of course be more similar to Talking Dead except my guess is we’ll get a lot of “so intense” and “I thought we’d seen everything Walt was capable of but Oh my God!” instead of “awesome.” I get that these shows sort of scratch an itch hang out and talk about a particularly intense cable drama you just saw, but reading Donna Bowman’s stellar recaps of  Breaking Bad for  AV Club I think scratch that itch much more satisfactorily.

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