Marvel’s Doctor Strange Headed to the Big Screen

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Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige told MTV that the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Dr. Strange, is getting a movie. It will come after  2015’s “Avengers 2″ as part of the third phase of Marvel’s shared cinematic universe. It looks like this phase will deal with some of Marvel’s lesser known characters, including Ant-Man.

Feige said he’s excited about the project because it’s unlike anything Marvel is currently doing. In fact, it seems like a bit of backtrack from the previously established canon of the Marvel movies. In “Thor,” the title character explains that the Norse “gods” seem magical, but their powers are really no different from highly advanced science.

Dr. Strange is the most powerful magician in the Marvel Comics universe. So his movie will likely contain good old science-defying magic. In the comic, Stephen Strange was a gifted surgeon who lost the use of his hands in an accident. He seeks help in the Himalayas, eventually meeting the Ancient One. After Strange proves himself by stopping a student’s attempt to kill the Ancient One, his career as a hero begins.

Strange is far from a well-known character outside of comic fandom. Of course, that was true of Iron Man and Thor before their movies. Are you excited about Ant-Man and Doctor’s Strange corner of the Marvel Universe, or do you think they may finally be out of ideas?

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