Tomorrowland Movie on the Way; Is “Space Mountain” Far Behind?

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For those who want to watch a movie based on a Disneyland attraction but worry it won’t be pretentious enough, I have some good news. Damon Lindelof –along with unabashed Lidelof fan-boy Jeff Jensen- is developing a script for Disney’s “Tomorrowland.” Not much is known about this project but according to Lindelof the film will not be about aliens; which is great news because Lindelof should stay as far away from aliens as he possibly can. Along with anything that enables him to put words on paper or a computer screen. 

Originally dubbed 1952, some are speculating that “Tomorrowland” could possibly revolve around the construction of Disneyland. Of course most of this speculation comes from a predictably cryptic image of an archive materials box that Lindelof and Bird posted on Twitter last week. The contents of the box – which either serves as the film’s inspiration or provides clues as to what we could expect to see in the movie- included candid pictures of Walt Disney, an old copy of “Amazing Stories” magazine with a picture of Buck Rogers on the cover and the nozzle of a small rocket engine. Also in the box but not pictured were the lost extra-racist director’s edition of “Song of the South,” the tortured soul of Hayley Mills and, what the hell, a Driveshaft CD. 

If early speculation is correct and “Tomorrowland” is in fact about the construction of Disneyland, then where does this leave my script for a “Space Mountain” movie? Will Disney still be interested in buying my concept about a mountain that is accidentally shot into space? Would it help if I said there’s a crazed, hermit character that lives in the mountain and builds a spacesuit out of an old cast iron stove and raccoon pelts? If you don’t like that idea, Disney big-wigs, I’ve also got an idea for a “Hall of Presidents” movie. It’s like “Westworld” meets “1776” and it’s going to be bigger than “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

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